About Us

Our company is an R & D company located in Teknopark Izmir. Since our foundation, we have done successful works with R & D projects in sustainability, electric mobility, energy and smart cities.

We Are Creative

Thanks to our experienced design team at Sayas Digital, we develop applications with creative interfaces.

We Are Innovative

If you examine the projects we have developed, you will see that we have achieved very successful projects in different fields.

We Are Professional

The privacy and security of your projects are very important to us. In this context, we sign a confidentiality agreement before your R&D projects and protect your inventions and products.

Featured Projects

We have carried out successful projects in a wide range of fields from artificial intelligence to IoT, from social responsibility projects to geographic information systems.

Pike Personnel Attendance and Control System

Thanks to the Pike App, you can keep track of your staff during their commute. Did he come to work? Did he get out of work? What time did it arrive, what time did it come out? Was it at the workplace at the beginning of the shift? With Pike APP, they log in with…

Scooter-Sharing System

Sayas provides software support to shared electric scooter companies with its powerful software infrastructure. We offer all software infrastructure on a turnkey basis, from mobile applications, backend software, management panels to payment systems integration. For details; info@rateltech.com +90 850 532 6750

Bi’ Komşu

Bi’ KomşuŞimdi Komşuluk Zamanı We’ve created this platform when the whole world including our country was going through difficult times due to COVID19 pandemic with the motivation to contribute to society. This project has conduced to support thousands of people who are in need through paying their bills (over 1.000.000 ₺) by the benefactors.

Beany Scooter

Beany Scooter BEANY scooter-sharing system project software was developed by Sayas’s engineers. We provide for the needs of software on payment processing, IoT softwares, MQTT servers and mobile applications. 

Smart Maps

Smart Maps We have developed a platform which events,  parking, classes and even the offices of academics in a university campus can be managed through a smart map that was developed by using ESRI platform.

Mobile ECG

Mobile ECG The software needs of an ECG project which İzmir Institute of Economics academics developed by our company. This technology can collect ECG data from patients by a wearable equipment and send it to a phone then to the doctor’s e-mail system.

Our Services

We do our best to serve you without stress, without making it difficult, with a smiling face.

ERP ve CRM Software

We are the hidden power behind corporate companies thanks to the personnel tracking and shift scheduler software we have developed.
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Web Based Software

We find web-based solutions for companies in the areas of document management, vehicle tracking and project management.
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Mobile Apps

We develop mobile applications for corporate and commercial needs of companies. With these apps, their working lives become easier and their profitability increases.
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Digital Transformation

We are the biggest help for companies, factories and marketing networks on their digital transformation process. We support the companies to be upgraded to Industry 4.0 successfully.
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