What They Call This Digital Transformation!

In the last few years, a word of digital transformation has been buzzing around everyone’s lips. So what is this digital transformation? In the simplest terms, your production and sales processes are removed from the structure based on people’s communication with each other, and based on the communication of machines with each other.

Shall we explain with a few examples?

For example, we have a digital transformation story at Durmazlar Medikal. We set up an e-commerce infrastructure on the company’s website. We made this website communicate with the payment infrastructure, the courier company, the e-invoice system, the bank and the packaging line.

We brought it and what happened?

If the payment for the order sent to the site was made by card, the site entered all the information of the customer in the cargo company’s system and created a cargo barcode. He sent this barcode to the printer and automatically removed it from the packaging service. He sent the incoming order to the e-invoice system and cut the invoice. He told them to send the order details to the packing band and create and pack the related basket content. What if the incoming order was paid by money order / EFT, not by card? In this case, the site communicates with the bank and checks the incoming transfer / EFTs. If the name of the orderer matches the name of the account that makes the transfer / EFT, or if the order number is written in the remittance / EFT description, the site also matches these payments and performs other transactions one by one.

This is not a utopia, but Durmazlar Medikal’s success story. Thanks to these software development investments, they do the work they did with 28 people before, now with 2 people. With the increasing workforce, they found the opportunity to focus on marketing activities.