In This Age, Web Based is Smart Based.

Web technologies offer new opportunities for businesses all sizes. There are well recognised benefits of using a web-based solution opposed to a desktop software package:
  • web based software is accessible from anywhere, as long as you have a connection to to the Internet – this gives you the opportunity to work on the move from home or from any remote location;
  • web based software are easier make accessible to various mobile devices: smartphones including iPhone, netbooks etc.
  • web based software is easier to deploy and maintain.

What is web based software?

Web based is the best based!

Web based software, (or a web-based application) is a software that runs on a server (computer connected to the Internet), while users connect to it from their computers using an Internet browser.

Web based software is used by consumers and businesses alike: webmail, social networking sites and online shops are used by most of us. Business services are also very popular: from office suite (G suite) to online collaboration, accounting and CRM.

If you are using G suite, you might probably be interested in Magic Web Solutions’ project management tool that’s complementing G suite. It’s called Kanbanchi because it’s based on Kanban methodology.

Technologies for web based software

There are the wide-spread technologies used for developing web-based software applications: Java, PHP and JavaScript. There are also less popular but nevertheless interesting options like Ruby on Rails and Python.

There are two common options for delivering a web-based software application application: a hosted option and downloaded option.

Hosted software (sometimes called software on demand/software as a service) is ready for you to use after a registration online. There are both free and paid-for services available.

An alternative option is to download and install a software on your own server – this requires more technical skill and initial investment, but in a long run can be more cost effective. Installed option also provide more flexibility in terms of further configuration and customisation.